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Life Insurance

The purpose of Life insurance is to continue providing for your loved ones after your passing. By having adequate Life Insurance, they will be able to maintain the lifestyle you currently provide for them.  If your partner were to pass on, imagine how difficult it would be to provide for your children on a single income versus a dual income.

Think about your fixed monthly expense such as mortgage payment, car payments, groceries, and education costs. Would your significant other be able to cover these costs on their own?

Not only that, but would you have enough time to mourn if you were stressed about not having enough money to make financial ends meet?

You should talk with us about your Life Insurance options so we can determine the type of policy that will work best for your needs.

Below are different types of Life Insurance options and their benefits:

Whole life insurance provides coverage for an individual’s entire life. It has a set premium amount that is paid for a specific period of time.

This insurance provides both an insurance and an savings component. The insurance component pays a stated amount upon the death of the insured. The investment component accumulates a cash value that the policyholder can withdraw or borrow against.

Term life insurance provides coverage for a limited period of time, or a specified “term” of years. Once the period is up, the insured can either renew the policy or let the coverage end. It normally has a low premium cost and has no cash value.

If the insured dies during the time period specified in the policy, then a death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary.

Universal Life Insurance is a flexible type of life insurance offering the low-cost protection of term life insurance as well as a savings element (like whole life insurance) which is invested to provide a cash value investment.

You can reduce or increase the death benefit, and pay the premiums at any time and in any amount (subject to limits) after the first premium payment has been made.

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